Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Segment 2 : "The Aquarium"

On the 14th we went into Newport, Oregon and went to the Aquarium. So, you know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words....well here you go. I'll just give a couple of short explanations here and there. Everywhere you went you could hear kids (mine included) referencing "Nemo".



the kids LOVED the touching pools- they were both obsessed with the anemones.


these were the BIGGEST crab I had ever seen. They were WEIRD!

some kind of fish

They had the coolest shark tank. It was a tube that you walk through, so the sharks are swimming all around and above you. They even had glass in the floors so you could see the sharks below.

It was a long day!

Vacationing isn't a vacation

So, have you ever noticed that while big vacations are tons of fun they ARE NOT relaxing!!! Especially if you're "mom". We took a vacation last month to the Oregon Coast and Washington- and we had a ton of fun. It'll probably take me a couple of posts (or more) to get everything in. So here is segment one: "The Beach"

We got to Lincoln City, Oregon on July 11th and checked into our condo. The view from our patio was BEAUTIFUL!!

Unfortunately is wasn't quite as warm as we would have liked. In fact is was pretty windy and foggy most of the time.

We still spent as much time as possible playing on the beach. We spent NO time in the ocean.(FREEZING)

And we did play a few rounds of "wave-tag"

Lincoln City is the kite flying capital of the world. So, needless to say- it was WINDY! We were smart enough to have brought OUR kites though!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Us, by me

Okay, so the first post. I guess I should tell you a little bit about each of us.

Timothy Aaron Tremayne. Tim works for the Social Security Administration and is the Elder's Quorum President in our Ward. He's a great husband and dad! One of Tim's favorite things to do is to drool over every "big boy toy" there is. He'd really like to own: a truck, a boat, jet skis, snow mobiles, a motorcycle, a big screen tv, etc. etc. etc.

Amy Lynn Tremayne. Amy is an overly busy mom, who doesn't necessarily have to be so busy, but for some reason likes to overbook herself. Amy teaches Voice/Piano lessons, and is the all around "music person" in church. Amy likes to try to make money on every craft imaginable.

Ashley Nicole Tremayne. Ashley is our highly-motivated-too-smart-for-her-own-good 5 year old. She has been working on reading and doing addition and subtraction and won't be starting Kindergarten until Fall of '09. I KNOW!! She has the vocabulary of a sixty year old english professor. She is starting tumbling and violin this fall as well as her third and final year of preschool.

Erik Timothy Tremayne. Erik is our two foot flash bolt of lightning. He just turned two and gets into EVERYTHING!!! His favorite pastime lately is emptying the salt and pepper shakers onto the table and floor. He is into everything male: cars, balls, guns, dirt, pulling hair, kicking and spitting. He keeps us on our toes.

? Tremayne. Scheduled to arrive in April. More to come on this one.