Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, Connor is 2 1/2 weeks old now, so I guess it's time for an update. Connor is doing really well, he's growing fast and is very healthy...or so they tell us at the doctor's office. He's had an infected umbilical, but we've been treating that and it's fallen off and healed up now. He's got a cute little outie...I don't know if he'll think it's so cute later on, but we love it. I got mastitis, and got over that..whew. He's a good little eater and sleeper. He is a fast eater, which concerned me at first. I had heard (and my other two followed the trend) that a baby should eat about 15-20 minutes on each side. I'm lucky if I can get Connor to nurse for 15 But he put on 1.2 lbs. in a week, so I guess he's getting what he needs. He wakes up twice at night, once at 1 once at 4 and takes a half hour total to eat, have his diaper changed and go back to sleep, so I'm not hurting too much there. Everyone keeps asking me if the baby is wearing me out. Give me a newborn anyday!!! Somebody needs to tell me how to deal with my 2 year old...he's the one wearing me out!
The other day, I couldn't hear Erik, which is never a good thing. I though he was downstairs with Tim, so I went down there, but he hadn't seen him. Guess where I found him....sitting in the sink, in the bathroom applying my makeup. I had to spend a small fortune replacing most of what he got his hands on. I'm happy to report I kept my cool pretty well. In fact Tim commented that he was impressed that I didn't "pinch his little head off". It was a near thing.

Today, I got a call from the 911 dispatcher. Erik decided we had an emergency, I guess. I told the dispatcher we didn't have an emergency.....YET. I realized that might not be a very wise thing to say when I remembered those calls are recorded. So for the record...I'm not going to maim my son....I promise. At least not today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Connor James Tremayne

Here he is! Connor James Tremayne! 8 lbs. 5 oz. 20.5 inces long. All went well. He's a happy mild little baby, and I'll post more when I'm not pecking at the keyboard with one hand cause I'm holding a new baby in the other......such is guess.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Almost there

Well, we've just about gotten through it. The Piano Recital is over and done with, and went off without a hitch, except Erik smashing his finger in the church door. (Can't wait for another little boy :)) We've gotten through Tim's, Dad's, 60th b-day party, which was at our house on Sunday (switched from the night before the induction, thankyou Tim). Today I finish up my visiting teaching for April, and get some of the last minute shopping done (which mom tells me not to do, she can do it when she gets here- do I ever listen????). And tomorrow Mom flies in to try to make me sit down and relax (it won't work, I bet you it won't). Then......Thursday morning....6:00 A.M. we're in the hospital getting pitosin pumped into my system. If everything goes as smoothly as it did with Erik, we should have a new little hurricane added to our family by noon or 1. I'll post pictures when I get a spare second.....which could mean NEVER! Grandma Renee bought me a magnet for my fridge which reads "Mothers of little boys are busy from SON up to SON down". Hopefully I can get at least one picture posted for you all. WISH ME LUCK!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ashley's first Piano Recital

Piano is over for the year and I'm thrilled and relieved. The recital was excellent, all the kids played really well. I always tend to get just as nervous for them as they get for themselves. But this year was really nerve wracking. Ashley was playing for the first time, and I had the mom nerves along with the teacher nerves. She did really well. She's a really great little student. I always vowed I'd never teach my own kids, because it's a nightmare. She wouldn't take from anyone else, so I finally agreed.....conditionally. As soon as she starts fighting me with the practicing it stops, and she gets a different teacher. So far she's really self motivated and reminds ME when she needs to practice. Hopefully that will continue. She just started taking lessons about a month and a half ago and REALLY wanted to play in the recital. I was hesitant since she's been playing such a short time and she's so young. I finally gave in, and she did really really well. The video is the first song she played (memorized) called "the zoo". Tim wasn't able to get her second song, Erik was sitting on his lap, and wasn't going to allow it for anything, which is unfortunate. Her second song was even better than the first. I'm very proud of you, Ashley!