Friday, July 17, 2009

Breast Feeding Pros/Cons

-You don't have to treck down to the kitchen to make a bottle in the middle of the night
-You don't have to pack up bottles and formula if you need to go somewhere
-The longer you breast feed, the less likely you are to get breast cancer
-Immunity Boost for baby
-Bonding with baby
Am I missing anything?

-The scale won't budge (this is true for me anyway, can't seem to lose weight)
-Baby sleeps longer with formula (which equates to more sleep for mom)
-Dad can't help with the feedings
-I can't go see movies or anything else that takes more than 2 hours
-It's inconvenient, and embarrassing to nurse in public
-Baby can be sensitive to foods mom eats
Am I missing anything?

To wean or not to wean, that is the question. Is three months enough? What do you think?

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm starting to get pretty excited about running, which hasn't happened in.....well, ever. I did cross country track in Jr. High....and hated it. That might have had something to do with the fact that we trained with the high school runners who were much fitter and faster, and I always felt inadequate running with them. Well, I've learned to only compare myself to me now, and I'm enjoying it finally. I have started Uncle Scott's training program (Thanks Scott!), and will be running the Pocatello 10K on Sept. 5th, and the 10K in Shelley for Spud Days the following weekend. I'm also planning to do a half marathon in Surprise, AZ the end of January. I've found that little goals are the way to go. I've also realized (and this has given me amazing motivation), that when I get through my first race it will be the biggest accomplishment of my life (a little pathetic, but definitely note worthy). So wish me luck! I'll need it!