Monday, October 18, 2010

My journey begins

I have been wanting to lose weight for a very long time (About 7 years, 1 month to be exact). Ever since my first child was born. I have signed up for a women's weight loss program with a personal trainer at my gym. Today was my first day, and it was painful. Weight, body fat testing, measurements, caloric goals, physical activity goals etc. etc. etc. But I'm going to do this. My reasons??? I want to feel comfortable in my skin again. I want my kids to learn healthy habits. I want to do fun things again without feeling self concious. I want to go to my husband's 20 class reunion next summer and feel that he's proud to have me on his arm (not that he wouldn't anyway....but I want to feel it myself). I want to stop missing out on family fun time because I feel too fat. I want to be healthy and happy. And a million other reasons. What are the down sides to losing the weight? I won't be in my safe little comfort zone that I've been in for so long. That's all.
Wish me luck. I'll post pictures of my progress (if I get real ambitious).


Kristy said...

With you all the way baby!!! My favorite quote " nothing tastes as good as HEALTHY feels ".

Little Farmer Family said...

That's great AMY!!! How long is the program for?? You'll do great and yes post pics!! It motivates me!!! :)